Tuesday, 29 March 2022


Our second PLG for the year was held online due to our alert level still being in red. During our session we were put into breakout groups to discuss what direction we would like to take with our inquiry this year and how we could incorporate wellbeing and student engagement within the inquiry. This was really beneficial as it gave me the opportunity to talk through my ideas with other CoL colleagues and leaders and gain insight and advice on the path to take and what direction to continue on in. 

My takeaways

Having these conversations was very beneficial as they allowed me to think more critically about my inquiry and how I can incorporate wellbeing, engagement and confidence into my reading inquiry this year. In pervious year I have focused mostly on the reading data itself and not necessarily looked at other aspects of reading and how to strengthen this in the classroom and for learners at home. 

Next steps 

  • Create or obtain a wellbeing survey to see how students are doing overall with being back at school. 
  • Gauge reading enjoyment and students perspective on their own reading and what they think they need in order to be more successful in reading. I think I will use another type of survey to assess this maybe a google form. 
  • Record my students reading and take notes in regards to confidence when reading aloud one on one and then in a group setting. 
  • Continue on with generic reading follow up tasks related to the learning intention - big focus on the guided reading session, this will supplement the teaching. 

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