Friday, 1 September 2017

Google Sites - Take Two!

After last weeks session I had a great week looking at my own class site and seeing how things have been set up on my site and how I can make sure that everything I put on there is visually appealing and accessable to everyone who visits my site. I have been very lucky that my site has been set up for me in my team and they have shown me so much of how the site works which has made my job easier and also understanding how and why things are the way they are. This week I have been working on my PRT site with some of the new things that I have learnt. 

This week in digital fluency we got the opportunity to image map which was an incredibly great experience! I really felt empowered leaving today's session not only have a learnt how to do something cool I feel like I could do it again and it could be very useful for my own class site or my PRT site or any other site I may need to set up in the future. This is an awesome skill to be able to know and I think I will use it a lot more now. 

The picture above shows my new teaching standards sites which I have created using image mapping. Each of the different sections on the wheel are linked to be click on and go straight to that standard! I am really impressed with this page and can't believe I actually made it myself! Looking forward to seeing where google sites takes us next week!

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  1. I feel proud ! You have shown us what awesome looks like. Good for you :)