Saturday, 30 June 2018

Parrant Inquiry 2018 Term 2 Final Update

This term I have had a break through with some of my learners and using DMIC maths in the classroom. We had to go back to basics and learn things like how to show that we are listening and how to share ideas with each other. This is still an ongoing process however my learners are starting to show that they are able to share their ideas with each other and also question each other on how they got the answer. It has also been great to see the learners being able to use language and terminology that supports their learning and show that they understand the learning strategies. 

I think we have made some progress in class this term. I need to work on making sure that I am able to show the learning and what is happening and come up with an effective way to show this in data. I will focus on this next term and have a pre and post test at the beginning and the end of the term to see which vocabulary they are using and what they need to work on to strengthen mathematical language.  I would also like to continue to focus on making sure that I am using this vocabulary in other subject areas to strengthen this language and make it stick. 

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