Sunday, 27 May 2018

Parrant Inquiry 2018 Term 2 update

Term 2 Inquiry Update

This term I have had a real break through with my maths class. We have set up group norms and what DMiC will look like in room 8. DMiC has been working well in our class as I am able to see and hear my learners using this new vocabulary when figuring out the answer to the story. They are using this vocabulary in their discussions with each other and also with explaining how they got the answer. When I first started this new way of teaching I was worried that I was going to loose my low achievers from pitching the lessons to my higher learners. However what I have found so far is my learners being able to explain how they got an answer rather than just telling me the numbers. My learners who usually sit back and let everyone else have the conversations have started to speak up. 

In relation to my inquiry for this year it has helped me to be able to see my learners using the vocabulary that I am wanting to see this year in the classroom. It started from my learners having conversations about this is a plusses question or I plussed 10 and 12 and got 22. My learners are now starting to say I added 10 books to 12 books and ended up with 22 books. They are starting to use the story to help rather than just looking at the numbers. 

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