Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Thinking outside the box

This term I have been able to focus on the gaps in my student's learning and I have found that many of them are struggling with place value. Room 8 have been struggling with place value after the decimal point. We have done a lot of this in class this term and it has been getting easier for some of my students. Mr Burt suggested at the beginning of the term that I try out some activities that involve hands on measuring outside of the classroom.
We tried this last week and the class had so much fun! My students who usually struggle to stay on task where in their element and the whole class got really involved and had a lot of fun! We used chalk to measure height, hand span and arm span. The students drew each of these of their partner and then measured this with a ruler. This lesson has allowed me to reflect on my teaching and also making sure that it is fun sometimes and hands on for my learners who don'd do so well just sitting in the classroom.

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