Monday, 27 March 2017

Inquiry Update

My inquiry focus for the year is finding the balance between behaviour and my students engagement and achievement in mathematics. This term I have made some changes and observations in my class around this focus which has allowed me to change and reflect upon what strategies I have put in place. 

One major thing that was of interest was the noise level in the classroom, with teaching in an ILE this was more of a challenge than I originally thought. However with being able to work with two other teachers in order to get on top of this has been extremely beneficial and has paid off now in our space.

I have found that by keeping my class closer to me in the big space this has given me the opportunity to focus on the noise level of my class which impacts on the big space as well. My next step is to branch out of my class into the bigger space. 

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for looking into this as an inquiry Kelsey it made me think about how these factors might affect learning. I came across this podcast the other day which is "a bit american" ok "alot american" . What I liked a bout it was it is about a teacher who has put real effort into Maths. She doesn't really have alot of digital enablement though I like the way she was provoking kids into real maths. Maybe there is something in this for you. Look forward to following your inquiry as the year goes on.