Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Inquiry update - Term Two

This term my focus was more specific to my maths teaching and the holes in my students learning. This term we had swimming lessons for the first three weeks of the term which had an impact on our maths lessons not so much with the lack of time for learning but with the routine in our class. The lack of routine and consistency threw my students so at the beginning of week 4 we had to regroup as a class and set out our behaviour guidelines as a class. Behaviour management became a focus this week but because I had established this in Term 1 it didn't take as long to get back to normality. I used my behaviour management strategies from last term to get the class back on track which gave me the ability to look at the gaps in the students learning.

The gaps that I found with my learners was their place value knowledge, especially when we were looking at place value past the decimal point. In my first inquiry meeting Russell gave me some great ideas in how to make this fun and exciting for my students. An activity that we did as a class was using chalk to draw on the ground our arm span, hand span, foot span and our height. Once they had drawn this on the group and then had to use a ruler to measure this. This allowed a fun activity for my students to see decimals in a different environment! I had great results with this and hope to continue this for the rest of the year! 

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